Do you love your mom? Of course you are ! and you will love this movie. From the late director Garry Marshall who brought us movies like Pretty woman, Valentine’s day, New years eve… that still float in our hearts. Even though there is nothing new in this movie we still feel fresh while seeing some of the golden names played as mom here.

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Mother’s day is an another multi story deals with four families, who’s lifes have a new beginning at the end of mothers day. Sandy(Jennifer Aniston) is divorced and living with her two boys and her ex husband is married again. While she having problem with her husband’s new tween(according to Jen) wife Bradley is dealing with his two daughters who’s mother is dead and is dealing with his older daughter’ boyfriend problem (Sounds like BLENDED right?). Even though we saw this kinda plots before, Marshall try to make it fresh as possible. When these stories are happening at one side Jesse(Hudson) and Gabi(Chalke ) get an unexpected surprise from there parents and finally find out that one of her daughter is a lesbian and Jesse is married to an Indian guy, both they are not happy about. Wait the stories are not end yet, there’s one more. The story of Kristin (Britt Robertson) who is afraid of commitment and finally got the courage to confront her biological mother Miranda Collins (Julia Roberts).

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Even though the movie is dealing with four different stories the characters is somewhat barely know each other and talk for a bit. But i don’t know whats the point here. Marshall assemble some of the millennium names of Hollywood as the mothers in this movie. Except for the movie name Marshall didn’t show much about the story of a mother-children relation rather he focus on some of the problems they might face these days. Mother’s day didn’t offer too much but it will give good smile and a considerable amount of satisfaction. As the name says the stories ends in a mothers day, but don’t look for a mother story in all four some may have others have their own problems and a solution endings too. When talking about the huge stars here Jennifer is in upper chair not only as a mother but also as a person that make us laugh sometimes. Also Marshall’s pretty woman Julia Roberts is here with her 90’s costume and a weird looking hair style. She didn’t have much role in the movie but a huge star like Julia play a role like this we will remember it even though it’s a small role.

Overall, Mothers day is a considerable treat for all the mothers and those who love them around the world and a  non entertainer for those who is fed up with cliche stories and want something new and more fun. Well Mother’s day didn’t guarantee much fun but it didn’t disappoint you.

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