Director  Rawson Marshall Thurber

Writer  Ike Barinholtz, DAvid Stassen, Rawson Marshall

Cast  Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan…

Budget  50 Million USD

Genre  Action, Comedy

Time  107 min

Saving the world means a little Hart and a big Johnson. But for saving the movie Rock-Hart Chemistry on screen is just not enough. From the director of We are the millers and dodge ball, Rawson Marshall assembles Hollywood’s big Rock and funny Hart into a not so funny action ride.

Ci 3

Calvin Joyner(Kevin Hart) was everything in his college days but his future ends as an accountant. As he start to hate himself and refuse to go to the college reunion with his wife(his girl friend from college itself), in order hide his current status from his friends who called him as the Golden Jet in his good old days. At that time he gets a message from Bob Stone( Dwayne Johnson) one of his college buddy who happens to be rescued by Calvin from bullies. After there meeting Bob ask for Calvin’s help with some account transfer details, that’s where the real problem starts. The next morning he wakes up with a news that leads him to run for his life till the end of the story, that bob is a former CIA agent and he was double crossing the agency for some terrorist. But late Bob try to explain him that he is been cheated and he is trying to find the real Black Badger who is after the satellite codes for selling to the higher bidders which leads danger to lots of life in the future. Did Calvin helps Bob? Who is the real Black Badger? Did they stop him?

Ci 2

Rawson tried to make this an another 21 jump street but failed in script. The script just tried to make the characters funny with some non funny dialogues and the story is predictable too. Dwayne gives devotion to his character better than the script says i think. But when it comes from a badass guy like rock the action sequence could have been better than this. And talking about comedy Kevin can’t even save CI with his high pitched voice which sometimes feels awkward compared to his other comedy movies like Ride Along. Central Intelligence is more focused on these two guys it wont have time for other character development  infact Kevin’s wife does have some role in the first half of the movie. The writers made Dwayne’s character a handsome muscular guy who still loves unicorn and sixteen candles movie but this doesn’t help Dwayne’s Bob to catch our attention. The only thing this movie provide us to watch is Rock-Hart chemistry on screen. It can’t compare with chemistry of Carter and Lee from rush hour still it’s funny to watch poor Hart with badasss Rock.

Overall, Central Intelligence is a one time watchable not so funny-action movie who only give the two lead actors chemistry for a reason to watch this movie. But if you are a fan of Rock or Hart you will definitely like this one. The movie have some hilarious moments especially the shower dance of Dwayne Johnson.

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