Director      : Garth Jennings

Written by : Garth Jennings

Cast              : Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson,  Taron Egerton…

Genre           : Animation, Comedy, Musical

Production  : Illumination Entertainment

Buster moon(Matthew McConaughey) is trying to save his bussiness. So he organize a musical competition where our five leading characters Rosita(Reese Witherspoon), Mike(Seth MacFarlane), Ash(Scarlett Johansson), Meena(Tori Kelly) and Johnny(Taron Egerton) were participating. From the trailer itself we can say that it’s going to be an another hit from the same studio that brought us Despicable Me. The trailer is a small musical journey filled with fun.

Sing Official Trailer :


Trailer  Length : 3:59 min

Releasing Date : December 21, 2016

Trailer Verdict  : Funny and Worth watching