Director      : Thea Sharrock

Cast             : Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Janet McTeer…

Written by : Jojo Moyes

Budget       : 20 million USD

Genre         : Romance, Drama

Time           : 110 min


Me Before You is an adaptation of 2012 best selling novel by Jojo Moyes with the same name. Moyes can make all her readers break into tears with her books, but the movie is not a tear breaker for everybody. Me before you is directed by the british theatre come director Thea Sharrock and she tried her best to make this one an another Fault in our stars. But if the the base is not strong enough all goes up will fall down.


Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) is a chatty, adorable and granny style girl who is seeking for a job. She was working in a café before and eventually got fired, Inorder to support her family Lou took a job as a caretaker of a charming and Wealthy young man Will Traynor(Sam CLaflin). He is a quadriplegic from an accident two years ago. Wills parents Camilla Traynor(Janet McTeer) and Stephen Traynor(Charles Dance) wants a loving and aspiring person inorder to cheer him up and show him what life is worth for. Even if they two don’t get along at first with will’s pessimistic and Lou’s chatty behaviour. As time pass by they get to know each other and Lou try her best to make him happy. But when she find out the six month argreement Will make with his parents and after that he is going to legally make an end to his life at a clinic in Switzerland, broke her heart. She try to leave the job but her family situation brought her back. From that day onwards Lou try her best to change his mind and teach him what life is worth. She made him do new things he think he can’t do it even she fails at sometime. In this time they fell In love with each other, Did they live together forever?


Sharrock assemble some sophisticated actors for her new romantic journey. We are familiar with the blonde mother of dragon Khaleesi played by Emilia clark in Game Of Thrones, but Lou is completely opposite from that and you will get excited to see her like this. She is charming, innocent, Old fashioned and stupidly funny. And there is Claffin who we are familiar from Love rossie and Hunger Games. They both give their best to the characters, infact their dedication to the characters make the movie a good piece of cake. The movie begin with our hansom Will met with an accident, This left us no idea what the old Will’s life like. All we have is the pessimistic Will who live in a wheel chair listening to music in his room make him a non lovable character at the begining. Lou on the other hand the director give more focus on. Ed Sheeran’s songs give more life to some moments where Will and Jane go on a date and they both ride in his wheel chair in the yard at night. Even if they both have six months to get along with each other but their chemistry seems less. That mainly because of the way Moyes try to narrate the story. Still the actors do their best to make it happened. Emilia’s Lou will probably steal your heart even if she is dorky.


For whole Me Before You is a movie fill with emotion, romance and a little bit of disappointment at the end (i’m not gonna spoil it). Some may cry and some don’t it depends on how you take the story. If you Think, you should feel the same way that they can do a little better than this but still Me Before You is a fresh piece of cake filled with joy but feels a little bitter when you finally going to get the last piece. It will touch your heart but not as much as fault in our stars.

    Rating : 3/5

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