Director       : David Yates

Cast             : Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie,

Christoph   Waltz, Samuel L.Jackson…

Written by  : Adam Cozad, Craig Brewer

Budget         : 180 million USD

Genre           : Adventure, Fantasy, Dram

Time             : 109 min


What is that? An evil spirit? A ghost in the tree?…No that’s Tarzan, the king of jungle, the lord of apes. The last four harry potter movie fame british director David Yates new adventure “The Legend Of The Tarzan” hit the screens. But the man flying in the jungle can’t bring what we want or what we expected to be precise. Yates try to reinstall the 19th century super hero into this 21st century and he fail. This movie is not about the origin of the ape lord. Then what is it about? Lets see…


John Clayton/Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) is a grownup man now who lives in England with his beloved wife Jane Clayton (Margot Robbie). He leaves the jungle a long ago for the safety of his family until one day George Washington William (Samuel Jackson) a former us veteran approached him for help. The congo is under the Belgium force now, where George want the ape lord fame to investigate the labour enslavement running by Belgium king leopold II. The king’s right hand Captain Leon Rom (Christopher Waltz) approached Chief Mbonga for diamond as per the command of king leopold, in exchange for diamonds mbonga ask for tarzan to revenge his sons death. As the same time John, Jane and William climb the great mountains of congo where his real family lives. Eventually jane and some tribe people were caught by leon rom and used them to capture the Tarzan. The story continues with the jouney of Tarzan and Williams to stop rom and rescue jane. So is he able to stop Leon rom? Did he save jane?


Legend of Tarzan is a mashup of all its previous movies, even the writers Adam Cozad and Craig Brewer can’t tell the story properly. The movie narrate two stories one the origin of Tarzan who has been raised by the apes and being in love with jane and the other goes with Tarzan and his companions trying to stop Leon rom in order to save congo. Yates fails the bonding between these two stories while he try to narrate. Even if the movie have some golden faces in the screen that doesn’t help here. Alexander Skarsgard’s tarzan is good, he has the body that he likes to show us from the beginning, he can swing through vines like an apes, run with apes but none of this doesn’t entertain us here. Mostly because of its poor CGI which looks like the study material for some film schools. We seen Jungle book this year from that we can say this one is nothing but hamper of some bad apes and jungle. Also Christopher waltz is here with an another villain character, We know the extraordinary characters he played before but leon rom feels like just an ordinary villain who imprison the heroine (CLICHÉ !) Also Samuel Jackson’s William tries to crack some jokes somewhere in the movie and eventually fails. Even if he don’t have any experience in climbing trees or flying through vines he still stick up with tarzan to help him, even though tarzan has to carry him some time of their journey.


The CGI in Tarzan is very poor at some places like where john and his companions try to escape their people from a train of leon’s. Apes look fine but the jungle doesn’t. We seen jungle book and we know how it makes our eyes pop out. Yates make most of the scene fills with fogs or rain (especially at night) which make us to lean forward from our seat to catch up with what’s happening in the movie. Talking about CGI the crocodiles in this movie look like they borrowed it from some children cartoon channel. We know yates make the last four harry potter series with awesome CGI and graphics maybe he got tired from that. He can do better than this. Rupert Gregson-william done a nice job as music directors.


When we heard about Tarzan the first thing that comes to our mind is the man flying through vines, who roar like a wild animal with hansome body. Well this one got all of these but not so much and not so entertaining. If yates tries to make the origin of the Tarzan that he show us like the flash back it would be better than this. Well this one is sooo dramatic. Tarzan is mostly the hero of kids, They don’t want serious drama in their favourite hero movie . They want to entertain so as we, so if you are a die hard fan of this ape-lord you will like it and it will entertain you. For other it will be a tedious movie with poor enthusiasm.

                                                         Rating : 2.7/5

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