Director : Roland Emmerich

Cast        : Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Patricia Whitmore…

Genre    : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Time      : 120 min


WE HAD TWENTY YEARS TO PREPARE..SO DID THEY. 90’s smash blockbuster Independence day’s most awaited sequel is out. It took exactly 20 years for Emmerich to assemble this new alien invation movie and did he do it right?. “Whatever goes up..must come down” well same thing happen in the case of resurgence, it comes really down. Emmerich always come up with a summer massive disastrous movie this time it’s the resurgence and the movie is kinda disastrous too. If you go to resurgence with ID4 in your mind then it’s going to be a disappointment. We saw a lot of alien invasion disastrous movies in the past two decades and this one is the sum of those. As the movie tagline says we had 20 years to prepare, So are we prepared? Lets see…


After 20 years they are back, this time its for our resources. If ID4 have bigger spaceships Resurgence have even bigger, to be exact its about 3000 miles bigger. But the aliens still don’t change so are some of the characters. David Levinson (Jeff goldblum) is still here to help us from the aliens so did our former president whitmore (Bill Pullman). Whoever there is we still miss will smith in resurgence. But he made a good choice to skip this one. We also have some new faces like Jake (liam hemsworth) a fighter pilot and of course his sensitive and funny friend Floyd (Nicolas wright). Dylan (Jessie T.Usher) the adopted son of Steven hiller follows his dad path and become a captain. Resurgence introduces so many new characters and their problems, datings whatever make the movie lengthy and boring. Even if this is an invasion film Emmerich gives more attention to introduce new characters. Sometimes we get confused what is happening and where is this happening. All looks the same with enourmous computer screens, hundreads of fight planes and officers giving orders. Former president Whitmore’s daughter Patricia is the fiancé of jake who is apparently stuck in moon which he were send to operate a moon tug. This station is been attacked by a 3000 miles bigger spaceship that our new technology is unable to detect. I MEAN WHAAT! Any way the mothership which is probably bigger than amercia itslef lands on the earth which made a huge impact and destruction where VFX become the real hero. Even if the mothership is bigger than the first one it can’t give what we got from ID4. Resurgence lack its character development so much, like the chemistry between jake and patricia or the model/actress Angelababy who I think a gift from emmerich to the china moviegoers. Anyway the ending scene where the queen alien confronting with us is a visual candy for the audience and yeah it’s have massive destruction and thousands of fight plane on the air fighting with green lights. But there is a long way to reach there which emmerich focus on introducing new faces and there problems.


Resurgence lack in its storytelling and character development but this one got some badass vfx fight and destruction scenes which we can enjoy, even though we have to wait a little bit for that. After watching Resurgence you should probably think that “we want a sequel like this for the 90’s smash hit ID4?”. Anyway its out and its entertaining to watch for one time. Don’t forget to charge your phone because you might want that sometimes during the movie while you get bored.