Director   : Dave green




Cast          : MeganFox, Will Arnett, Tyler Perry….


Category : Action , Adventure , Comedy

Time        : 112 min  


The 90’s most successful superheros are back to fight in the dark, Wait i’m not talking about batman it’s the ninja turtles! The new turtle franchie “Out of the shadows” is better than its predecessor still it lack something. This action packed adventures comedy franchie is produced by Michael bae with dave green in the director’s chair.Compared to bay’s last transformer disaster this badass turtles beat the shape shifting cars. Out of the shadow is an adaptation of 1987 animated turtle series. This new assembly of TMNT is a for the turtle fans. But other than fans everybody like it? Lets see…

Even our heroes are hiding in the dark they love the outside world, in fact our 4 badass heroes Michelango, Donatello, Leonard and Raphael loves basketball. The movie begins with the turtles rushing to catch the tournament in Madison square without anyones notice. Like most of the superheroes they too don’t want to relive there identity, so they live in a sewage with a Rat, surprisingly he is there master too. Every movie has a villain here Shredder is trying to escape from prison and our turtles are after him, Baxter stockman (a sidekick scientist) accidently transport him in to a multi dimentional universe where shredder meets krang who want to attack our earth. CLICHÉ RIGHT! Krang gives shredder a mutagenic compound in exchange of three parts of a machine that he send to the earth a long time ago. Even if earth is in danger Dave didn’t forget to add some spice to the movie, April O’neil (megan fox) who played as a reporter also a friend of our bad ass heroes. A heroin want a hero right? But turtles cant date april ! but casey jones can. But I don’t know his importance in the movie other than taking care of shredder’s two mutant creatures at the end. We already saw avengers and fantastic four, bath have alien invation through a teleportation path open in the space Well this one got the same here. Even though this is an action movie Dave still try to make it funny BUT not that funny. Shredder want to find the three pieces inorder to open the teleportation path while taking one from paris there is a fight sequence in a plane with our turtles against shredder’s mutants where Dave made a good impression. Even though shredder appear more than krang in the movie he never confront with our turtles. So our main villain is krang. Will the turtles defeat krang? Will they able to save the world? Finally the world can see the real heros who have been saving there lifes in the dark?

By taking whole Out of the shadow is a little out of our expectation, but its better than the first. If ur a TMNT fan this ones for u and don’t forget to take your kids with you. Bay’s new turtle adventure is an action packed not that funny movie you can watch with your kids or friends.