Conjuring 2 offical poster.

Director :  james wan

Cast  : Patrick Wilson ,Vera farmiga , Madison wolfe , Frances O’connor….

Category : Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

Time : 133 min.

Grab some popcorn and be ready to scare , wan’s new chapter to the successful prequel of conjuring is out. The biggest case ,demonologist ED and LORRAINE WARREN ever investigated in the heart of london. But is it that scary? Lets see!

The film set in 1977 , enfield where rains a lot. But this time the haunted house have some neighbours, SURPRISE!  Peggy is a single mom lives with her childrens, where this demonic haunting happens. Like most of the horror movies the ghost got one of the children body , here that is janet (Madison wolfe) where james wan made a good choice. Like before wan still got the ideas of how to scare the audience but this time it was with Don burgess (Oscar winning cinematographer for the movie flight). Wan’s tricks to scare people is different like his camera movements , classic music playing backgrounds, whilst , dolls etc…In this sequel there is a scene where janet posses like a 70 year old man, where wan took the courage not to show the scene instead he stick the camera on ED face and rest is happening in his back that leaves to our imagination. This kinda wans new tricks make conjuring 2 an enjoyable horror combo ride.


The film starts with Ed and Lorraine sitting in a dining room trying to get in contact with the demon who is haunting a family, as we know that Lorraine has the ability to talk with the ghost or demons whatever. From there she found out the shot gun murder of a poor family happens where wan decided to make this as the title scene. Next we are movie to England where hudgson family live , a single mother with her four children . Janet is already in trouble at the beginning of the movie where her teacher found out she is smoking cigarette (but she didn’t) but that just a beginning for even bigger trouble that awaits in her home. This time it’s a 70 year old man bill wilkins who takes over the body of young janet , he can even speak through start with sleepwalking and things got worse. Wan doesn’t forget to add some of his cliché scenes like pulling the legs while in sleep, taking the blanket away etc etc…The recording of a 11 year girl talking like a 70 year old man got the attention of demonologist Ed and Lorraine and they come to enfield to find out if the hudgson family is faking it or not? But it doesn’t end there, at the time of investigation Lorraine had a vision from a demonic nun that ED life is numbered if they continued this new Amityville horror journey. This demonic nun played by bonnie aarons is the most terrifying thing in conjuring 2 accompained by a crooked man! Will warrens able to fight the demonic creatures and save hudgson family? Will Lorraine sacrifice ed’s life to save them? What theses demons wants from them? Wait and see…


Like all the other wan’s movies this one still got something to scare us even they don’t appear in the scene that much. With don burgess DOP and wan’s direction makes this movie a nice horror ride. The movie ending is my favourite scene where wan is able to make us sit at the edge of the chair with one eye closed.